Open Hands Update

Hello everyone!

Great news this morning – Open Hands has been officially registered and recognized as a charity, and endorsed as of May 2015! This is a huge step for the team, and also for all of you who have supported us thus far. With official recognition, registration, and endorsement, Open Hands can continue to grow and make positive change in our global community.

We want to take this time to reflect on how much we have already grown, and remember the humble beginnings in Nepal following the catastrophic earthquake. At present time, our founder and leader through all this Angela is en route to Nepal to reconnect with the people there and begin the next phase of our projects. We all look forward to updates from her in the coming weeks.

Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the support you have given us over the last few months. 2015 was a year of ups and downs, but we need to remember that without the low moments we cannot appreciate the highs. We are incredibly excited to see what 2016 will bring. We will continue to move forward with open eyes, open hearts, and open hands.

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