What we believe, what we think and what we do


Open Hands sees beyond race, religion and political views. We respect all cultures and respect and preserve local traditions to build a sustainable, stronger Nepal.


Rebuilding Homes

Open Hands is focused on sustainable and long-term methods to rebuilding homes in Nepalese villages after the earthquake. Focusing specifically in the remote disaster regions that are difficult to reach on foot, our focus is to bring stronger and more affordable earthquake-proof rebuilding methods into these areas.


Open Hands believes in implementing training programs to transfer skills to locals wherever possible so that solutions can be implemented on their own. We ascribe to the theory of ‘teach a man to fish’, and believe that a sustainable program can only be implemented if our team members and volunteers as much time with locals in their villages to allow for proper training.

Education & Opportunity

Open Hands understands the importance of education and providing opportunities for people of all ages. In addition to rebuilding schools, we follow up with cultural exchange programs and help villages look for quality educators to live in the village and help with their curriculum.


Open Hands engages locals wherever possible and focuses on projects that provide a larger benefit to the overall village. Rebuilding and training programs ensure that community centres and schools are the first to be reconstructed to ensure maximum involvement of volunteers for a common good.


Open Hands believes that every human being has the ability to contribute and do good. We believe in using this opportunity to empower locals to see opportunities for growth and to understand their own potential to create a difference in their lives and those around them. 


At the heart of Open Hands’ philosophy is sustainability. We’re committed to environmentally friendly solutions with minimal carbon footprints with all of our rebuilding technology and programs, and seek to implement solutions that will allow for villages to continue growing their local economy long after we’ve helped them rebuild.

  • Community Development

  • Indigenous / Native Rights

  • Trade, Development & Private Sectors

  • Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change

  • Response to Emergencies & Provision of Aid

  • Education & Development

Looking to join our team?

We’re always looking for people to work with us as volunteers or to join us. If you’re interested, take a look at how to become a volunteer to see if there are any open opportunities and please send us an email with your proposal or CV to hello@openhands.co